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LEARN Resource Center provides before school, after-school and summer programs for students in K-6 grades. The agency’s out-of-school programs exist to provide three main services:


1) Keeping children safe while their parents are

    at work,

2) Helping children improve their academic

    performance through a designated homework


3) Providing a nurturing place where children

    can learn to work and play with others.

LEARNing since 1966


It’s been over 50 years since LEARN Resource Center originally opened its doors as Eastside Neighborhood Center. Through a multitude of programs and services, LEARN has served thousands of children, youth, adults and families.


For over five decades, our services have included: preschool and school-age programs, GED preparation, clothing and food banks, and adult computer and job training programs. Each program offered was, and is still, designed to meet the needs of children and families in East Allen County.


Today, LEARN Resource Center provides out-of-school programs (before school, after-school and summer) for children and youth in K-6 grade. Serving over 120 students each day at New Haven Primary, New Haven Intermediate, Queen of Angels and St. Louis Academy, our youth participate in academic enrichment programs, receive homework help, and engage in recreational activities.


Our programs are about engaging kids in meaningful activities, providing them with opportunities to learn social skills, and become problem solvers and wise decision makers.


LEARN Resource Center exists to inspire, motivate, and empower each child to do his or her very best in school and in life.


Thank you

LEARN Resource Center could not operate without the support of families, staff members, board members, community groups, businesses and individuals. Thank you for your continued support!


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LEARN is an independent non-profit that operates within the schools of the East Allen County Schools District.

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