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What days are the Before School, After School and Summer programs in session?

The before school, after school, and summer programs run Monday-Friday. During the school year, we do not hold program when EACS closes or school is cancelled. In the case of a two-hour or three-hour delay, we will still operate program at all sites as normal.

What are program hours?

Before school is open from 7 AM until school begins and is held at New Haven Primary and New Haven Intermediate Schools (including school delay days.) After school hours are from school release time until 6 PM at New Haven Primary and New Haven Intermediate and until 5:30 PM at Woodlan Elementary and St. Louis Academy. Our New Haven Summer Camp runs from 7 AM- 6 PM.


Do I have to pay for the days my child misses program during the week?

Yes. We charge a nominal weekly rate. If your child does not attend every day of the week, we do not reimburse for missed days.


Does my child(ren) receive breakfast during the before school program?

We release students for the school's breakfast at approximately 8:40 AM. if there is a two-hour delay, we do provide children with a simple breakfast such as cereal. During our after school program, children receive a nutritious snack.  During summer program, children receive breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack.

​​Payment questions?

All program fee accounting questions should be directed to Michele Reasoner. She is in charge of accounting program fees. She can be contacted at or at 260-749-9516.

​​Where are programs held?

Before school program is held at New Haven Primary and New Haven Intermediate. We operate our after-school programs at New Haven Primary, New Haven Intermediate, Woodlan Elementary, and St. Louis Academy.

​​Will my student travel off school property?

During our before and after school programs, children stay at the school. During summer program children have the opportunity to be taken off-site on a few planned field trips.



Who do I contact if I have additional questions?

Financial Questions? Call Michele Reasoner, Operations Manager or email her at

Program Questions? Call your child’s  Site Director

Woodlan LEARN @ 498-0061

New Haven Primary LEARN @ 446-2000

New Haven Intermediate LEARN @ 446-2144

Additional concerns/questions, please contact Sharon Wilson, Executive Director or email her at

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