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"A Mentoring Program"


INSPIRE is a program within
LEARN Resource Center 

What is Inspire?

At INSPIRE, elementary and intermediate students enrolled with LEARN Resource Center are provided the opportunity to be paired with local high school student mentors. INSPIRE allows students living within the same community to connect on a personal level. The primary focus is to pair students with positive role models that they can meet with on a consistent basis. 

Interested in Volunteering?

I meet all of the requirements necessary for volunteering with INSPIRE, what is the next step? 

- You must meet with your school guidance counselor to express your interest in the program or contact Sharon Wilson, Executive Director of LEARN Resource Center, at: 

- An interview time will be set up with Sharon Wilson to ensure that you are the best fit for INSPIRE. This will also allow insight into which student would be best paired with you. 

- You must attend the volunteer orientation and complete the paperwork required by LEARN Resource Center before mentoring can begin.  

Requirements for Volunteering 

1. You must be in your junior or senior year of high school.

2. You must be willing to volunteer once a week for one hour. 

3. You must have a C+ or higher grade average.

4. You must provide two personal references 

5. You must have your own form of transportation to and from the site. 

What are the Benefits of Volunteering with INSPIRE?

- It's a wonderful way to give back to the community!

- Volunteering looks great on a resume. 

- Volunteering can be counted towards community service hours for club participation

- Volunteering can be used on future college applications

- Not to mention, the impact on kids helps them become well rounded young adults 

Apply to be a mentor today!

Don't forget to download this button to print out and fill out the applications! Make sure to bring your applications with you to the interview!

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